Recordex Manual Projector Screen 70" x 70"

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101099 Square (1:1) 99” 70” x 70” Ultra3 Matte White

The Retract was built to meet the rigorous requirements of the school or training environment. Optimized for HD sources, the Retract offers a beautiful surface for today's visual learning. 

We believe border framing a screen is a must, not an option. All Retracts come standard with our 4-side light absorbing matte black border.

The ReTract is built to withstand the rigors of classroom and boardroom use. From the housing to the bearings, from the pull bail to the screen surface itself, it’s well constructed for years of trouble free use.  

Triple what most others provide, our 3-year warranty on ReTract Plus manual wall screens backs up our commitment to quality with extra peace of mind at no extra charge. 5-year classroom educator warranty.

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